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28/07/14 0:30 A JP Unemploy Mar con: 3.50% pre: 3.50%
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Russia Steps Up Help for Rebels in Ukraine War
dc CB 14:27 GMT 07/26/2014
The Pentagon warned of an “imminent” delivery from Russia of sophisticated and powerful rocket launchers to pro-Russia separatists fighting government forces in eastern Ukraine.

The Russian Foreign Ministry accused the United States of conducting a “smear campaign” against Russia with “unsubstantiated public insinuations.” It said the United States had supported “a coup d’etat in Kiev, and then in fact urged the regime toward the brutal massacre of the Russian-speaking population.

Russia, Ukraine trade accusations of cross-border shelling

Russia Steps Up Help for Rebels in Ukraine War
dc CB 14:10 GMT 07/26/2014
Resource scarcity, competition to dominate Eurasian energy corridors, are behind Russian militarism and US interference
Dr.Nafeez Ahmed

Ukraine crisis is about Great Power oil, gas pipeline rivalry

Russia Steps Up Help for Rebels in Ukraine War
dc CB 13:51 GMT 07/26/2014
The people of Slavyansk, which is located in the heart of the Yzovka shale gas field, staged numerous protest actions in the past against its development

Countries like the Czech Republic, the Netherlands and France have given up plans to develop shale gas deposits in their territories.

In May 2012, Ukraine’s State Service for Geology and Mineral Resources announced a tender for the right to develop the Yuzovka shale gas deposit that was won by British-Dutch Shell.

Burisma, Ukraine’s oil and gas production holdings, also has the right to develop the shale gas fields in the Dnieper-Donetsk basin of Eastern Ukraine.

A son of U.S. Vice-President Joe Biden has recently become a member of Burisma’s board of directors.

Ukrainian army helps installing shale gas production equipment near Slavyansk

Russia Steps Up Help for Rebels in Ukraine War
Mtl JP 13:16 GMT 07/26/2014  - My Profile
Rather than backing down ... according to some David Herszenhorn and Peter Baker. Right, they write for New York Times.

FOMC and Monthly Jobs Due: Outlook- July 27, 2014
GVI Forex john 13:13 GMT 07/26/2014  - My Profile

Fed Policy Path is Set
It hard to believe that we are back to focusing on another Fed meeting this week. There is always the possibility of a surprise but it will take time before the Fed can even consider raising short term interest rates and we see no reason why the central bank should not be able to meet its scheduled October end to its asset purchase program.

Full Outlook

Knowledge is Power
GVI Forex Jay Meisler 10:18 GMT 07/26/2014  - My Profile
We posted some great articles this past week with unique insights you might not find elsewhere. Remember, knowledge is power!.

- FOMC and Monthly Jobs Due - Outlook - July 27, 2014
- Last Gasp Reversal: Another Secret Forex Trading Pattern Revealed
- EXCLUSIVE: If You Trade or Plan to Trade the GBP, You Need This Indicator
- Why the EURUSD Will Move Lower
- EXCLUSIVE: There is No Free Lunch, 400% Forex Broker Bonus Offer

CLICK to READ NOW - Knowledge is Power

Russia Steps Up Help for Rebels in Ukraine War
GVI Forex 01:25 GMT 07/26/2014  - My Profile
KIEV, Ukraine — Rather than backing down after last week’s downing of a civilian passenger jet, Russia appears to be intervening more aggressively in the war in eastern Ukraine in what American and Ukrainian officials call a dangerous escalation that will almost certainly force more robust retaliation from the United States and Europe.

Russia Steps Up Help for Rebels in Ukraine War

Commitment of Traders Report
Mtl JP 22:21 GMT 07/25/2014  - My Profile
john 19:44 that short euro build looks massive

makes me think it probably equates or comes close to the sentiment buildup level of Sep 2012 which inspired Mario bazooka believe me it will be enough yikyak.

how times change <<-sigh->>

this is not from the Onion
Mtl JP 21:47 GMT 07/25/2014  - My Profile
dc CB / I am from the government and I here to help / save you

CFPB Begins Accepting Consumer Complaints on Prepaid Cards and Additional Nonbank Products - CFPB
just do not bring up the Dimon / Blankfein / Paulson / Corzine / Mozilo (just to name a few) god's workers
It never ceases to amaze me how adept the govt bureaucrats are justifying their bureaucracy, how to grow/expand it and how to assure their own jobs and pensions.

EU edges to economic sanctions on Russia but narrows scope
GVI Forex 21:02 GMT 07/25/2014  - My Profile
(Reuters) - The European Union reached outline agreement on Friday to impose the first economic sanctions on Russia over its behavior in Ukraine but scaled back their scope to exclude technology for the crucial gas sector.

EU edges to economic sanctions on Russia but narrows scope

Chart Points - Free FX Database
GVI Forex john 19:59 GMT 07/25/2014  - My Profile

UPDATED. Global-View Free FX Database. High-Low-Close data for over a dozen currency pairs for well over a decade of data in Excel spreadsheet format.

Brocker list
Dillon AL 19:57 GMT 07/25/2014  - My Profile
You will see above the tab for Brokers.

Broker review page

Commitment of Traders Report
GVI Forex john 19:44 GMT 07/25/2014  - My Profile

Commitment of Trader Report Charts Trader Positions: EUR, JPY, CHF, GBP

Net EUR JPY COT Positions

Click on chart for COT Details

Click on chart for COT Details

Net GBP and CHF COT Positions

Click on chart for COT Details

Click on chart for COT Details

Week Ahead
london red 19:33 GMT 07/25/2014
wednesday gets US gdp thursday gets canadian gdp. potentially a lot of pips to play for here.

Week Ahead
GVI Forex Blog 19:15 GMT 07/25/2014  - My Profile
•No surprises expected from FOMC; prelim US Q2 GDP and July payrolls stand out

•Euro area CPI inflation may have fallen below 0.5% in July

•July surveys to provide early clues about UK Q3 GDP momentum


Thanks Alot
london red 18:58 GMT 07/25/2014
members come and go but taking part is what makes the board work (to the lurkers out there). i certainly think all ideas and theories are worth a moment spent, something you didnt consider before, helping you to make positive adjustments or your input that might help someone else avoid a poor decision.

Thanks Alot
GVI Forex john 18:24 GMT 07/25/2014  - My Profile
sf- Thank you. member feedback is always helpful.

I join in your thanks to RED, JP and others too many to name.

Have a nice weekend!

As for the speeches I will see what I can do

Thanks Alot
sd sf 18:09 GMT 07/25/2014
Special thanks to RED for all his posts last few days.

and to

GVI JOHN - for all his hard work with the updates/charts : Monday-Friday every week.

1. suggestion for the calender - the biggest moves are coming from speeches in the off hours - so probably an idea to start including the major speakers in your list as well.


EURUSD Fundamentals
GVI Forex john 17:13 GMT 07/25/2014  - My Profile
It seems to me that spot forex is more aligned with the 2yr rate than the 19s. Remember you can use the 2s as a proxy monetary policy forecast so this might make some sense. The 10yr has more influences on it than the 2s.

EURUSD Fundamentals
GVI Forex john 17:09 GMT 07/25/2014  - My Profile
Another EURUSD indicator...
Eurozone 2y vs ECB refi rate
Fundamentals for Trading. EXCLUSIVE CHART: 2y vs ECB refi rate:. 2yr is where the market is betting the Official target rate

will AVERAGE over the next two years. The divergence between the 2y and refi indicates the major institutional players have

decided currently that more Eurozone economic weakness is probable and additional ECB monetary ease will follow. If not, the

two yr yield would be HIGHER. The EURUSD roughly follows the 2y. Under more "normal" circumstances the exchange rate would be following the 2y more closely. The current configuration id EURUSD negative.

EURUSD Fundamentals
GVI Forex john 16:20 GMT 07/25/2014  - My Profile
EURUSD against 10-yr DE-US yield spread. EURUSD has reduced downside potential??..

Risk On/Off Heat Map
GVI Forex john 15:28 GMT 07/25/2014  - My Profile

Europe markets logically have been taking a modest risk-off posture into the weekend. There are ample geopolitical reasons to take a reduced profile. The week ahead features an FOMC meeting and  the July monthly NFP report. The EURUSD is currently lower on the day.

  • Yields in prime Eurozone fixed income markets are lower and remain well below levels from early last week .Yields on the European periphery are down. .EZ 10-yr 1.15%, -3bp.
  • The U.K.10-yr gilt  yield is 2.57%  -4bp. A +25bp BOE rate hike is still expected by yearend..
  • U.S.10-yr  yield  is 2.48%,  -3bp. The psychological pivot remains 2.50%
  • Far East equities closed mostly higher. Bourses in Europe are ending weak. U.S. share futures are down.

    The heat map color scheme of interest rates reflects yields. This aligns all the colors in the chart to reflect risk-on (green) and risk-off(red).

Risk On/Off Heat Map
GVI Forex Jay Meisler 15:26 GMT 07/25/2014  - My Profile
CNBC citing talk of further EU sanctions weighing on equities. This is also weighing non the EUR, which is not getting any safe haven flows.

This was posted on GVI Forex earlier:

The EU is expected to publish a blacklist of people, companies, and organizations today—a so-called cronies list of business allies of Putin. Broader sanctions are expected on Tuesday. In what would be a significant escalation of the bloc's efforts to isolate Moscow, the broader measures are expected to cover capital markets, defense, dual-use goods, and sensitive technologies. (Bank Report)

Risk On/Off Heat Map
dc CB 15:19 GMT 07/25/2014


Global Markets News
GVI Forex Blog 15:19 GMT 07/25/2014  - My Profile
EUR/USD took out yesterday's lows around 1.3440, dropping right to its 200-week MA around 1.3427 just after the open of US cash equity trade. The euro suffered from the weak German IFO survey and reports that the EU would be adding more Russian sanctions US Market Update: Sour Data and Russia Sanctions Dampen Sentiment

Risk On/Off Heat Map
GVI Forex john 15:13 GMT 07/25/2014  - My Profile
10-yr now 2.478% -3

Mtl JP 14:39 GMT 07/25/2014  - My Profile
red it is a Bizarro's world where "inflation" reflects GDP growth
and Yes, We Have No Banana - NYT

Day's Trades
SaaR KaL 14:39 GMT 07/25/2014  - My Profile
is good for another 3 weeks
Slow and Boring
till 1.32ish
Bullish from there to 1.42

dc CB 14:29 GMT 07/25/2014

Confirming now 19 deaths. Starting to show in the stock price.

But if you listen to the press...more people are Buying GM cars.
The line is: when they go into the dealership for a recall repair, they end up driving out in a new car. So the "deathmobiles" are having no effect on GM's ability to sell cars.

Sort of like know they are going to crash, you just hope it won't happen while you're driving at 70mph in a fully margined portfolio.

GVI Forex Blog 14:25 GMT 07/25/2014  - My Profile
July 25, 2014 ( UPCOMING DATA HIGHLIGHTS for Monday, July 28. Updated: Trading News Events Calendar HIGH IMPACT NEWS RELEASES: JP- Retail Sales, US- flash Mkt SVC PMI, Pending Home Sales

GVI Forex Data Outlook for July 28, 2014

Calendar -- Daily Forex Data News
GVI Forex john 14:23 GMT 07/25/2014  - My Profile

July 25, 2014 ( UPCOMING DATA HIGHLIGHTS for Monday, July 28. Updated: Trading News Events Calendar

HIGH IMPACT NEWS RELEASES: JP- Retail Sales, US- flash Mkt SVC PMI, Pending Home Sales
  • Far East: JP- Unemployment, Retail Sales.
  • Europe: No Major Data.
  • North America: US- flash Markit Service PMI, Pending Homes Sales, 2-yr Auction.

Mtl JP 14:14 GMT 07/25/2014  - My Profile
CB is that a gov't / Fed subsidized GM branded bus ?

GVI Forex Jay Meisler 14:06 GMT 07/25/2014  - My Profile
EUR weak on all fronts, crosses paint mixed USD picture due to offsets.

Day's Trades
SaaR KaL 13:56 GMT 07/25/2014  - My Profile
The funny thing I get
EURJPY Very Bullish

Pair Mx Cls Mn Cls Mx 2 Cls Mn 2 Cls
EURNZD 1.5808 1.5711 1.5809 1.5692
EURJPY 137.47 136.94 137.56 136.73

dc CB 13:48 GMT 07/25/2014


Mtl JP 13:45 GMT 07/25/2014  - My Profile
dang ! DJIA opened down over -100 points . while money got cheaper ... (but maybe not accessible ?)

london red 13:43 GMT 07/25/2014
hearing some revs to q2 number off durable revs. some looking as low as 2.3% q2

dc CB 13:43 GMT 07/25/2014
SnP cash is 20pts away from breaking 2000.
We'll see that before 1950.

Gammy's got a rocket in her pocket.

GVI Forex john 13:42 GMT 07/25/2014  - My Profile
JP it is working exceptionally well with emini S&P futures.

Mtl JP 13:39 GMT 07/25/2014  - My Profile
the 10-yr <-> usdyen correlation not working ,
at least not sofar, this am

Risk On/Off Heat Map
dc CB 13:38 GMT 07/25/2014

actually Visa is much more impt than market Jitters.
and V is 8% of the DJIA

Day's Trades
SaaR KaL 13:38 GMT 07/25/2014  - My Profile
Pair Mx Cls Mn Cls MX 2 Cls Mn 2 Cls
USDJPY 102.23 101.79 102.32 101.59

a Buy

london red 13:34 GMT 07/25/2014
have no access to bids/offers but was a big level on way up. if breaks should pop to 70 sharpily.

Mtl JP 13:31 GMT 07/25/2014  - My Profile
red can u plz cast some light on why usdyen is still holding 101.80ish

Day's Trades
SaaR KaL 13:28 GMT 07/25/2014  - My Profile
NDX Shorts
Thank you for the Txt Edit to Fit

Pair Mx Cls Mn Cls MX 2 Cls Mn 2 Cls
NDX 3948 3932 3962 3930
GBPAUD 1.8107 1.8045 1.8112 1.8019

July 2014 German IFO Survey
GVI Forex john 13:28 GMT 07/25/2014  - My Profile
NEW CHART: Latest German ZEW and IFO surveys "expectations" minus "current situation". This provides the implied forecasts.

Both Surveys are a little less pessimistic for next six months.

london red 13:28 GMT 07/25/2014
10's were bought big time right after durables, maybe someone was waiting for them to be released before position take rather than a result of. either way yilelds are down.
worst kid in class index (eurnzd) still shows eur holding onto 21 hour, while eurgbp has touched and so far held hourliy trendline. if these two fail, i would be confident of a move thru first euro support otherwise you cannot see where the move is going to come from.

when goalposts are movable to fit the script
Mtl JP 13:23 GMT 07/25/2014  - My Profile
WASHINGTON (MarketWatch) -- The Federal Reserve said Friday that it won't object to a resubmitted capital plan by Zions Bancorp ZION +1.51% . The Fed had previously rejected a plan because the bank did not meet the minimum, post-stress tier 1 common ratio of 5%, but under the new submission, the firm's minimum, post-stress tier 1 common ratio was 5.1%.

Mtl JP 13:18 GMT 07/25/2014  - My Profile
10-yr currently rocking uP in price (down in yield)
euro should find some support at 1.34 if attacked
keyword: some

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